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ibis Paint X v 5.1.8 [Unlocked]
Requirement: 4.1 and above
Summary: ibisPaint X is an application based on the concept of social drawing, it is possible to publish the drawing process, sharing pleasure You can draw with everyone

ibisPaint X is an application based on the concept of social drawing. Because you can publish the drawing process, you can share the pleasure of drawing with anyone.

* Official YouTube channel
On the official YouTube channel, many useful ibisPaint videos are posted.
Please register this channel!

* Concept / Function
– An easy-to-use application that allows you to enjoy expressing yourself using drawings
– Enjoy the smoothness of the drawing and enjoy great features
– Your artwork Drawed
– Let's share your artwork URL on Twitter and Facebook.
– Please download other people's artwork.

* Function
ibis Paint X has not only functions to record drawings and share videos, but also to draw functions.

[Brush Functions]
Smooth drawing up to 60 fps
142 types of brushes such as dip pen, felt tip pen, digital pen, air brush, fan brush, flat brush
– various brush parameters / End thickness, opacity of start / end, angle of initial / final brush
– Quick slider which can quickly adjust brush thickness and opacity
– Real time brush preview.

[Layer Functions]
– Layers modes such as layer opacity, alpha blending, addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc.
– Layer modes such as layer opacity, A convenient clipping function etc. to cut out the A image.
Various layer commands such as layer duplication, import from gallery, horizontal inversion, vertical inversion, layer rotation, layer movement, zoom in / out etc.
Set layer names to distinguish different layers To do.

[Manga feature]
– Frame segmentation tool important for manga drawing
– Advanced text tool function with vertical, horizontal, stroke, font selection, multiple text functions
– dot, noise, horizontal, vertical, Slash, cross, and square.
"- Inverted, moved, rotated, zoomed in / zoomed out of selected area
– Brushes that change according to selection area, fill function, layer duplication, layer catenation, layer movement, rotation, and zoom in / included.

– Save unlimited colors in the palette or select any color from the color wheel using HSB or RGB.
– Drag and drop it onto the color palette and save it.
– Leave the color picker tapped.

[Overall Drawing Functions]
– Convenient ruler tool function for drawing etc.
– Support for drawing function including image stabilization and forced input / omission
– 32 types of filter function
– over 1,200 Material tool with texture
– Rotating canvas function
– Background color (white, bright transparent, dark transparent) Setting function
– Undo / Redo function to over 100 steps
– Brush, eraser, dirt, blur, fill, and color picker.
* Blur is not supported on PowerVR SGX 531/535/540 or NVIDIA Tegra 2/3
* Smudge is not supported on devices with PowerVR SGX 531/540
– Smooth Zoom (70%).
[Brush Functions] – Exporting Replay Video (MP4) and Capture (PNG / JPEG) to Gallery
– "My Gallery" function that you can enjoy your own artwork

– Other people's artwork
– Enjoy the artwork of others in the collection
– Still image sharing (PNG / JPEG), Video (MP4), Artwork file (IPV) on Twitter, Facebook, LINE etc. We will deliver.

* Supported devices
OpenGL ES 2.0 and multi-touch compatible Android 4.1 device.

* To upload, encode, or download artwork, you need a Twitter account or a Facebook account.

* Questions and support
Please do not reply to review questions or bug reports, so please contact ibis Paint support.
https://ssl.ibis.ne.jp/en/support/Entry? svid = 25

What's new
ibis Paint X! Thank you for using.
The outline of this update is as follows.

[Improved Point]
– Improved to be able to install this application on devices without multi-touch. (Multi-touch is necessary for specific operation).

[Fixed Bug]
– Fixed rare bug that app crashes on startup.

– unlock paid features

This application has no ads

Details: Mod By Stabiron


Download procedure:


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