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StrongLifts 5×5 Workout v2.5.10a [Pro]
Requirement: 4.4+
Summary: The easiest and effective training, which strengthens muscles and burns fat fast. Three exercises, three times a week, 45 minutes for each exercise. Thousands of people around the world use the StrongLifts 5×5 exercise application to strengthen muscles and burn fat. No training more than 3 times a week at all.

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StrongLifts 5×5 training app As you have a personal strength and muscle building coach in your pocket, all the stronglift 5×5 training Guides you can concentrate on lifting as it removes the guess work from your training how much weight, how long you will exercise the set and more rest!

Free feature
✔ Free download
✔ Simple, easy and intuitive design
✔ Integrated the StrongLifts 5×5 workout.
✔ Log weight, set and person in charge. ✔ Know which exercise to do and how to lift each exercise
✔ Automatic replacement training A / B switches at any time from the menu at any time
✔ Automatic addition of each exercise, increment of setting / Settings [19459005✔Timersuggestshowlongtorestbetweensetsbasedonthelastset
✔ Graph showing progress of all lifts and weights
✔ Your training Weekly and monthly summary calendar
✔ Notes on aid practice and training methods
✔ Kg / lb – Set when first used and switch settings at any time
✔ Bar settings: Set the weight of your barbell in setting
✔ Backup workout automatically every week
✔ exercise and practice video [1 9459005] ✔ No ads!

Get better results with StrongLifts Power Pack!
Unlocking the StrongLifts power pack gives you access to even more features. These further save the work of the "brain" at the gym, allow breaking the plateau and adding aid exercises to emphasize specific muscles. Here are all the functions to unlock Power Pack …

✔ All practice warm-up sets, personnel, and weight calculator
✔ Armwork – special chaining / dip assistance exercises to build bigger arms
✔ custom assistance work – StrongLifts
✔ Plate Calculator – Disassemble the list of plates to be added with a simple graph display
✔ Change Plato by switching to 3 × 5/3 × 3/1 × 3 – 3 × 5/3 × 3/1 × 3 Breaking 5×5 stops
✔ Pro Backup – Copy to Dropbox or Google Drive and export to csv

Note: Purchasing a Power Pack will also support the teams behind this app, and the app will be released from advertisements. If you know that the application is useful, please purchase and support Power Pack.

About StrongLifts 5×5
StrongLifts 5×5 is the easiest and effective training to build stronger muscles and burn fat. Three full body compound exercises, three times a week, 45 minutes per exercise. First training A You are squat, bench and barbell line. After taking a day's break, we will do our second training B – squat, overhead press and dead lift. Pay attention to the form and emit light to deepen the confidence under the bar and add their respective weights.

The StrongLifts 5×5 application makes all the thoughts for you and you can focus on lifting. For more information on StrongLifts 5×5 training, visit StrongLifts.c ​​om's website http: //stronglifts.c ​​om / 5×5 / .

– Improve application by sending crash report on the Internet
– Photo / media / file to back up your training
– Vibrator for break alarm
– In-app purchase extra Unlock function

If you encounter problems with the StrongLifts 5×5 training application, or if you have suggestions for improvement, please contact us. To contact us from the app, we just go to the help on the menu. In this way we have your phone information.

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