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Free Unduh Download ROM Toolbox Pro v6.4.2.0 [Patched] – Android Applications

ROM Toolbox Pro v6.4.2.0 [Patched]
Requirement: 3.0+
Summary: ROM Toolbox is an application necessary for rooted users.

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ROM Toolbox combines all the great ROM toolboxes with 85% of ROM toolboxes, instead of using more than $ 30 in other applications, You can save. .

ROM Toolbox is posted on popular sites such as LifeHacker, XDA-Developers, Droid-Life, Android Central, Rootz Wiki, Android Police. I know that you love it. More than 14,000 people made a perfect 5 star rating! ★★★★★

This application requires root privileges. For quick and friendly support please contact [email protected] . We will answer questions and questions.

ROM Toolbox provides applications such as Titanium Backup, ROM Manager, Root Explorer, SetCPU, MetaMorph, Auto Execution Manager, Terminal Emulator, Script Manager, SD Booster, BuildProp Editor, Font Installer, Boot Animation Installer, in-one App! Here is a list of some functions.

★ ROM management ★
☆ Please install ROM and themes from the increasing list of ROM.
☆ Install multiple ROMs and ZIP from SD card

☆ Batch backup and restore application and its data
☆ Schedule backup to run at a certain time
☆ Nandroid Restore application from backup
☆ Text message, bookmark,
☆ Back up application to Dropbox † Freeze / decompression system and user application
☆ Backup / Restore Android Market Link
☆ Task Manager
☆ Automatic batch uninstaller
☆ Mail your app to friends
☆ Move any user's application to the SD card ▼ Clean up dalvik-cache ▼ 19459005 ] ☆ Zipalign fixes the permissions, data and cache ★ Root Explorer ★
☆ Access the entire file system of Android (difficult
☆ bulk copy / paste of files and folders, zip, tar, delete, move
☆ Scripter & Terminal Emulator ★
☆ Script creation and execution
☆ Change file permissions and ownership
☆ View, edit and share files
☆ File manager
☆ Set to run the script at at-boot
★ Auto Start Manager ★
☆ Enable
★ Rebooter ★
☆ Restart recovery, power down, boot loader etc
★ Font installer ★
☆ Install custom fonts from huge list or your sdcard ☆ Set fonts as favorites
★ Boot animation installer ★
☆ Preview boot animation
☆ Create boot animation from GIF f
Theme manager and status bar icon changer ★
☆ Create and install a full theme
☆ Customize the status bar by installing custom icons
☆ Change the battery icon on the status bar from the list of 200+
to the custom icon ★ Boot logo changer ★
☆ Change boot logo of supported mobile phone
★ theme selector theme ★
☆ TMobile Theme Chooser
theme list ☆ Set CPU ★
☆ SetCPU & scaling governor
☆ CPU profile
★ Build.prop editor ★
☆ Easily edit your build.prop
☆ Change density of LCD, improve battery life, improve performance
] ★ Automatic Memory Manager
Select from values ​​and presets. Apply values ​​at boot time
★ SD booster ★
☆ Increase the speed of SD card

How can I do the following apps? Please let us know your idea here:
Contact – Back up call logs and SMS
SMS – Backup call log and SMS
account – Backup and restore from Google Drive

What's new?

– Bug fixes to improve application stability and add fine tuning under hood
– Minor design improvements

Thank you for using ROM Toolbox!

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Download procedure: No LP or Google Play Mod required
patch: fulurmtl

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