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Free Unduh Download Retro Music Player v2.0.000_0909 [Pro] – Android Applications

Cross DJ Pro v3.3.2 build 2118090703 [Paid]
Requirement: 4.4+
Summary: The best professional DJ application on Android. Completely synchronize the track with a powerful audio engine. Designed by Mixvibes, a pioneer of 15 years digital DJ.

Includes all FX – no additional purchases, no pops
"The impressive app" The Guardian
"Challenge the way of thinking what you can do with the touchscreen" Android Police
"Looks great, great sound, great sync engine, slip mode, appropriate loops and clues." DJ TechTools

/ / Accurate BPM detection of music up to the last decimal number
• Stable synchronization: one press, two tracks never out of phase
(19459002) • Progressive manual pitch bend
• Customizable manual pitch range (4, 8, 16, 32, 100%)
• split monaural: • accurate beat grid edit: synchronize tracks correctly
• check whether tracks are synchronized Parallel waveform mode to visually check
• New Quantize function: Hot cue and loop are automatically set in the beat.
• Smart seek: Tap a waveform to fast forward and jump seamlessly
• Automix: Cross DJ mixes tracks, any source (playlist, album, etc.)
• External mixer: EQ and cross fader are controlled by hardware mixer.

/ / Astounding audio performance
• Best mix performance for Android DJ applications
• Short delay time: Music reacts instantly to your actions
• Real turntable So it is very realistic scratch sound
• 15 kinds of effects (bypass, lowpass, highpass, delay, echo, phaser, flanger, cut, crash, bliss, brake, roll etc)
• key lock Mode:
• No load on application startup
• Auto Log: Automatically equalize the levels of two tracks
• Integration with SoundCloud: Play streaming track in seconds
• Key lock mode: Change BPM without affecting timbre
• Key detection: song Detect the key and know which songs to pronounce well
/ / / Intuitive interface
• 2 turntables, authentic 3 band EQ mixer – with DJM EQ preset
• sampler : It is possible to record 12 sample banks + samples
• Mixc Soundclo ud: Explore, play and mix all SoundClouds.
• New Waveform View: Scratch music and display queue accurately
• Break tabs: Show different panels on the left and right
• Quantize Droop: Loop triggered by sampler is main
• Large buttons optimized for small screens
• Cross fader with three modes of cut, auto fade, normal
• This music player is MP3
• Multiple sorting options: Reorder library by title, artist, album, BPM or length
• History pane: Show previously mixed tracks
• Folder-specific navigation
• Turn the turntable back and forth
• Large control pad: XY effect pad, 1 6 Hot cue pad
• Recording HQ live mix
• Show remaining time
• Optimize for mobile and tablet
• Mix sound cloud: mix all SoundCloud.
• Optimized for Intel processors.

// / Minimal configuration required
• Android 4.1
• 4 inch screen
• RAM: 1 GB
• Dual core processor

What's new?

You are the best DJ, so you deserve the best tool! I am very excited to introduce you to the "sample store" today! A new place to get high quality sample packs to excite your mix.

Fix audio problems on some high end devices (Samsung S8 / S9)
* May delete playlists
* Delete sound when moving to background with Android Oreo
(Xiaomi Mi A 2, Samsung S 9, …)
* fixed some crashes

This application has no ads


Download procedure: highxp 9 u 3 qv 63

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