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Free Unduh Download Gentle Wakeup Pro Alarm Clock v3.0.9 [Paid] – Android Applications

Tools & Mi Band v3.7.0 [Paid]
Requirement: 4.3 or higher | LP or Google Play Modded or Uret Patcher
Summary: Make the most of Mi Band smart bracelet with the Mi Band tool! Set up your own, individual, completely customizable notification for incoming calls and applications.

During the day, activate the brain using the power-up function, fine-tune the custom content filter by setting multiple patterns of custom patterns for each single notification.

This application works well with the original Mi Fit application, but it is not related to Xiaomi. This means that you can always have the latest Mi Fit version and the latest Mi Band firmware, in addition to the great and powerful notification function.

Application notification (per application, can be set globally)
• Incoming notification (can be set globally for each contact)
• Continuous heart rate monitoring and notification, Configurable (19459002) • Alarm notification (safety sound alarm – vibration does not wake up and safety alarm is triggered in a few minutes)
• Custom Repeat Notification
• Fully Customizable Notification Pattern (Multicolor Notification, including custom vibration patterns)
• Notification content filter (Are you only interested in SMS notifications for specific people? It's not a problem with the Mi Band tool.)
• Multiple notifications per application There is (thanks to this feature, red from your boss and WhatsApp message from your friends set in blue
• Power Nap function (Short nap is necessary? Activating it will wake up with vibration when Mi Band is rested.)
• Idle alert (
if idle for a while • Configurable notification time (also individually at the weekend) and conditions (global and per notification)
• advanced settings (non-interactive Disable type notifications and disable them while the power is on.)
• If notifications do not arrive (notifications are not lost within reach of the phone, notify last when reconnecting)
• Fully Customizable Widget (Daily Fitness Goal Progression, Bracelet Battery, etc.)
• Export / Import Settings (to Storage or Cloud)
• Task Person, Automagic, Automation and Locale
• Designed with Google's material design guidelines and best practices in mind.
• Many "small ones" like applications automatically detect dominant
• Original Mi Band bracelet (Mi Band Tools automatically adapts to the functions supported by Mi Band Tools automatically user interface Including the White on 1A version which adjusts this bracelet version.)
• Works on all Android versions from 4.3 to 7.0+
• Future more Features will be added!

What's new?

Mi: Mi Band 3: Dual text support (Mi Band 3 has two lines to display text and headers.)
Mi Band 3: Android Integrated Sleep (Android Bundle 3 Cooperated with Sleep author as Android to directly integrate the sensor with the industry's best sleep tracking capabilities available on the Android platform.
New: Heart rate and state of charge event plug-in (19459002) New: Action Plugins 2.0 (It is very easy to change heart rate mode, vibration mode, etc. from Tasker, Automagic etc.)
New: Android Launcher shortcut
New: Incoming call button action (In addition to ignoring incoming call by pressing the button, Android 7.1+ shortcut function that provides quick action to start heart rate, take a nap, start an alarm, or activate Mi Fit It is now possible to refuse by pressing and holding it .
New: Added predefined extraction pattern of time (hh: mm and hh: mm: ss) to replacement filter

New: Not all officially supported by all Android versions .] New function: Setting – It is now possible to disable deletion of accent (diacritic mark) with vibration text.
Added notification icon of status bar (Android 8 or later)] Improve : The custom substitution filter now only applies to the content part of the vibration text of the bracelet that supports double text lines.
The latest part of the notice (The latest message will be displayed correctly when multiple messages are received.)
Improved: Many user interface adjustments and improvements (including high resolution icons throughout the application)
Improvements : The Text to Speech engine is initialized in the same language used in the application
Improved: Improved: Main improvement of bracelet auto detection
Improvement: with replacement filter Increase of available characters (10 times)
Improvement: SMS text display Latest Mi Band 2 Firmware Version
Several Minor Fixes and Overall Improvements
There are several video tutorials, Please check them

This application has no ads


Download procedure: wd 57 kejckb h3okm5rz7ak8

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