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MapCam – Geo Camera & Collages v4.5.5 [Pro]
Requirement: 4.0.3 or higher
Summary: The geographical location information (GPS location) of the photo is incorrect and ends missing. Before selecting the storage folder easily and shooting, organize the photos. Add a photo caption to the image. You can see your picture and its geographical location on the world map. Create a collage of impressive geo-photos and share it with friends.

In order to do all this, MapCam works with your favorite camera application and saves additional metadata in the photo file. With this, you can see it on the world map of where you took captions of photos and photos (see my app EagleEye and PhotoMap). In this way you can go on a trip again by actually jumping from place to place.

MapCam provides you the following functions:
✔ Easily create and select photos storage folders before taking pictures.
Latitude / Longitude and Altitude (Altitude)
✔ Add descriptive text. Caption of the photo to your photo. The text is saved in the IPTC metadata of the photo file, and the picture is not changed.
✔ Create a collage of geographic pictures (maps and photos)
✔ Share photos immediately after taking a picture.
via Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, MMS, Picasa, Skype, Twitter, WhatsApp, Dropbox etc. ✔ Use an existing camera application. Many applications are compatible. Pre-installed ones such as camera MX, Cymera, LINE camera, pudding camera, camera FV-5 Lite, Camera 360 Ultimate

Using MapCam is easy to use:
1. Please click the round button as soon as you are satisfied with the detected position. The button is bright green and it gets bigger if the current position is accurate. If the position is incorrect it will be red and smaller.
2. Take a picture of yours: MapCam launches the default camera application or the selected camera application and saves the best available position for the Exif data in the photo file.
3. Add descriptive text and share photos (optional).

If the location and description of the photo is important, use MapCam. Here are some examples:
While traveling, on vacation, on a business trip, during camping, beach, airport, train station, museum etc.
★ note the site
★ Bicycle, rowing, running , During jogging, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, exercising and other sports,
★ as a spectator at a special event such as a concert, festival, soccer game, tennis match ★ As a visitor to the park, flea market, Zoo,
★ to record weekend family outings, parties / celebrations, bars / night clubs, clubs, night life etc. ★
★ When meeting with friends ★ At a shopping mall, restaurant etc in the playground Shopping mall
★ In special occasions such as birthday, wedding, celebration, parade
such as earthquake, storm surge, flood, In case of disaster such as tsunami, storm, hurricane, forest fire

MapCam includes real estate brokers, dealers, craftsmen, firefighters, police officers, construction workers, drivers (truck drivers, taxi drivers), event managers, foresters, gardeners, workers, pilots, soldiers, etc.

New features
Bug fixes and improved Japanese translation

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Download instructions: Pro features unlocked | Map works


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