CyberGhost VPN v7.0.0.1 [Premium Lite Mod] – Android Applications

Free Unduh Download CyberGhost VPN v7.0.0.1 [Premium Lite Mod] – Android Applications

Requirement: Android: 4.1+
Summary: Secure and secure Cyber ​​Ghost VPN with the world's most reliable VPN service Please surf anonymously to!

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and over 12 million users loved and used to test Cyber ​​Ghost's free VPN service.

Cyber ​​Ghost is the first application to turn VPN technology into a lifestyle product. This product is extremely easy to use and brings unlimited benefits. Cyber ​​ghost is ideal for both casual VPN users and advanced VPN users.

Why do I need to select Cyber ​​Ghost VPN?

– Cyber ​​Ghost protects you every time you use a free Wi – Fi hotspot. It is the first application designed to launch every time a smartphone tries to connect to an unsecured Wi – Fi network.
– Activating a Wi-Fi Protection Profile encrypts the Internet connection. This method can not access or steal personal information such as e-mail accounts, social profile, financial information, credit card information
– Every time you use a free unsafe Wi-Fi connection at the airport , Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe, Club. Virtually everywhere
– Please install and use our app anytime during travel. Cyber ​​Ghost protects digital integrity in the same way that travel insurance protects your physical things

– Your IP address is hidden and has the merit of military grade encryption. Cyber ​​Ghost uses 256-bit AES encryption, which is the most powerful one.
– Block all online behavior tracking. Using our app, you will be exempt from spy activity by website owner, advertiser with spam, and other online snoopers.
– Do not save logs
– IP sharing
– Block cookies
– Block malicious websites
– Wi – Optimized for both Fi and mobile networks
– By sharing anonymous IP addresses with dozens of other Internet users,

– provides secure access to favorite streaming services
– operation guarantee
– Please select my server
You can choose the service for VPN enthusiasts from anywhere.
– Select individual servers as well as the country
– Enable server side features to suit your needs (anti-tracking, anti-malware, data compression, etc.)
What is the difference between Cyber ​​Ghost and other VPN applications?
– User friendly: Easy to use smart and cool technology.
– Lightning-fast: literally connects in 1 second.
– Save daily money
– Protect online privacy
– Automatically protect all public WiFi hotspots to connect
– Enable unlimited anonymous secure web browsing
– Hackers and online snoopers that protect passwords and other confidential information, for example for secure online banking transactions
– Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited traffic volume
– No log
– Trustworthy service: More than 12 million users are enjoying using the app
– Impressive server database: Cyber ​​Ghost is available in the US, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Canada, Japan, Singapore or Mexico
– Free unrestricted service: Cyber ​​Ghost's basic profiles and functions are all free of charge. To do advanced settings, just upgrade to premium!
– ISO certification: Cyber ​​Ghost is probably the only VPN certified by ISO regarding quality and safety

New features
Fix minor bugs
Restructure in-app purchase mechanism

first point. Please create an account first.
Second point;
Moded by:
Disable and disable Google's in-app search
Disable the google playe service
] Proxy for connections And ports

This application has no advertisements


Download procedure: 59

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