CM Launcher 3D – Theme, Wallpapers, Efficient v5.45.2 [Pro] – Android Applications

Free Unduh Download CM Launcher 3D – Theme, Wallpapers, Efficient v5.45.2 [Pro] – Android Applications

CM Launcher 3D – theme, wallpaper, efficient v 5.45.2 [Pro]
Requirement: 4.0.3 or higher
Summary: Redesigned the Android mobile phone interface using the CM launcher You can customize it. The CM launcher offers many free themes (icon packs) and wallpaper for personalizing your mobile phone. Here you can customize menus with various widgets, icon packs, stylish live wallpapers, 3D themes with amazing transition effects. CM Launcher is a launcher featuring a slim, speedy, safe and smooth 3D engine. The CM launcher is redefining your Android phone home screen!

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* CM Raunch 3D, 4.6 high rating on Google Play!

With CM Launcher 3D,

★ Further personalized – The theme to personalize more than 10,000 free 3D themes, 2D icon packs, live wallpaper, and contact themes. 3D transition effect to redefine your stylish launcher.
★ A more secure hidden app protects your privacy.
★ More Efficient – Quick Search, Intelligent Application Sorting, Telephone Booster makes your life more efficient.

* CM Launcher 3D is a slim, speedy, smooth and safe Android launcher!

Main features

* Themes & Icon Pack Center
Customize more than 10,000 2D / 3D themes (icon packs) using stylish menus, wallpaper, icons, contact theme. Customize your home screen now! (Contact module theme is only available on compatible Samsung & Google devices)

* 3D animation effect
The CM launcher with 3D animation engine with graphic effects, 3D themes and widgets enables 3D transitions and brings out a magical transition effect experience

* 3D theme and live wallpaper
3D widget, 3D theme, live wallpaper customize the default menu interface and make your Android launcher stylish. 3D Fidget Spinner, 3D Wolf, Transparent Screen You can find themes and other new 3D themes

* Unity theme and VR theme
Install the VR theme and display a new VR dynamic effect on the screen. After applying the theme of the game, play a fun game on the screen. 3D Christmas Pinball Theme

* Trending Theme
Hello Kitty Theme, Shrek Theme, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar Penguin, Dragon & Monster vs. Alien Theme Training Methods, etc. You can find many hot topic themes in CM Launcher 3D. etc

* DIY theme
To become a designer, change the UI of the Android launcher and DIY to make your own icon pack, theme, live wallpaper beautiful

* Hide & Lock Apps
Let's secure the security of your application with the CM launcher. You can safeguard your privacy from intruders and eradicate them without hiding and locking applications in special folders. It's easy to swipe and launch and redisplay applications

* Boost Your Phone
1 Tap Boost is offered to make your phone faster and smoother

* Smart Application Manager
Automatically organizes applications into smart folders (application drawers), organizes applications in batches and organizes menus

* Notification Announcement
It is useful to directly access new messages (WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.) on the screen

* Handy Tool Box
Many useful tools such as flashlight, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, brightness, etc. can be used freely

Update: Microsoft intelligent digital assistant Cortana is available in CM Launcher 3D.
1. Voice input: to search the web, translations, news.
2. Instant information: Top headline, nearby restaurants, daily itinerary
3. Cross device: Connecting and synchronizing SMS to Windows 10 PC (version 1703 or later)
Note: Supported only in certain countries. Specific permissions and manual updates are required.

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Note: In this application, accessibility service is used for HEV write filter function. It protects users suffering vision from exposure of HEV light.

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