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Requirements: 4.1 and above
Summary: "Click Chronicles" is a blank click-through game with hero simulation mode and RPG history. The player just needs to control Heroin to fight against the villains simply by clicking on the screen.

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If Hero achieves certain goals, he will meet with his partners and call monsters one after another on the journey. By fighting, the Hero and his partners will become stronger and stronger, and their team will become even more powerful.

Along with the story unfolding, players, accompanied by the Hero, will uncover the secrets – Developer Studio – hidden in this fantastic land step step by step. By ripping up the dialogue in history, you will enjoy the real experience of independent game developers, which is just like a brave adventure in the game.

Introduction to Features and Game System
✓ The Power of the Hero: Four Passive and Exclusive Skills that Can Be Used.

✓ Talent System: You are a new recruiter of the Hero and appear to be unaware of powerful and sealed secrets over you. From the tough battles, you practice and master these talents to make yourself terrific.

✓ Partner Recruitment: If Hero achieves certain goals, he will meet with his partners one after the other on the trip. And the partner level can be improved to enhance the team's extra skills and strength.

✓ Calling the Monsters System: Opening the Call of Monsters by achieving certain goals and gaining the most powerful power by improving their levels.

Super Combination System: Following Godlike power, calling monsters, you can use the ability to combine in limited time to increase the ability of the attack.

✓ Cute Monster Archive: There are various fantastic creatures in the Click Chronicles world, come and collect them and record them in the archive!

✓ Achievement System: Various and challenging achievements that bring great prizes.

✓ Three-language interface: an integrated interface that contains three languages: Chinese, English, and Japanese.


Maximum display of gold.

1. Infinite Crystals *
2. Infinite Gold *
3. Countless gifted point *
* Can afford always / Growth when you spend

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Free Click Chronicles v1.0.13 [Mod] – Android Games Latest Update Version
Click Chronicles v1.0.13 [Mod] – Android Games Mod 2018

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