Chroma Lab v1.0.4 [Pro]

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Chroma Lab v1.0.4 [Pro]
Requirement: 4.3 or higher
Summary: Supercharge the photo with Chroma Lab. A wide range of tools ranging from simple color adjustments to bold shapes and light effects are available, allowing you to completely control your photos.

0ZXhQzC9b29smU07d3NMvC1QXbYE2CKKuZR5w943TPihtsqHbmUGUJbaNSVYPnLJpYQ - Chroma Lab v1.0.4 [Pro]

supercharges your photos with your photo supercharge A wide range of tools from simple color adjustments to chrome labs to bold shapes and light effects are available, so you can easily adjust colors You can use a wide range of tools ranging from thick shapes and brightness effects to your photos.

Chroma Lab is simple to use at the same time, it is possible to set infinitely at the same time. Filters are combined to create infinite variations of your art.

It covers more than 50 effects:
★ Color (duo tone, coloring, hue effect …)
★ Black and white (including color filtering and channel mixing)
★ Blur effect
★ Vignette effect (including original saturation and contrast mode)
★ Texture effect (add grain, embossed)
★ Light effect (blur, spotlight, rainbow …)
★ Shape
★ Glitch effect, pixel sorting, distortion etc.!

Powerful user interface
★ Restore infinite to original / Redo
★ Erase the part of the last applied effect (PRO)
★ Bookmark image and save progress or reuse as mask
★ Effect option area (enable from setting)

Chroma Lab comes with a powerful animation module. Create smooth movies with parameter interpolation between key frames (Please enable movies from application settings).

PRO version
PRO version available for in-app purchase comes with extra filters, extra parameters, high resolution, lossless file storage (PNG).

This application has no advertisements


Download procedure: PRO function unlocked

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